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Twist Bioscience Germany GmbH

Chemie, Pharma, Medizintechnik

Wir stellen uns vor

At Twist Bioscience, we enable customers who are changing the world for the better. In fields such as medicine,

agriculture, industrial chemicals, and data storage, customers use our synthetic DNA tools to develop ways to

live healthier, more sustainable lives.

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Great Place to Work® Zertifizierung
Oktober 2022

Was Mitarbeitende sagen

There is one overarching point that, to me, Twist makes a great place to work: The People. Twist has some of the best people that I've ever had the pleasure of working with during my time so far at a variety of companies in biotech. Twisters are folks that truly care about one another and about constantly striving towards mutual success. The people at Twist inspire me each and every day to go above and beyond in my position to continually help grow and improve the company. Twist is genuinely a great place to work.

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Die körperliche Sicherheit am Arbeitsplatz ist gewährleistet.

Als neuer Mitarbeiter fühlt man sich hier willkommen.

Ich bin stolz, anderen erzählen zu können, dass ich hier arbeite.

Die Mitarbeiter hier sind bereit, zusätzlichen Einsatz zu leisten, um die Arbeit zu erledigen.

Alles in allem kann ich sagen, dies hier ist ein sehr guter Arbeitsplatz.

Was uns ausmacht

Diversity is in our DNA. We believe diversity includes gender, racial identity, cultural identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, mental ability and more. Our employees come from more than 25 countries and bring many different thoughts, identities and lived experiences to Twist. We believe our company is stronger because of the variety of experiences and backgrounds our employees bring to their work every day. We believe diverse teams drive better business decisions by challenging each other, sharing a broader range of possibilities from their experiences and resulting in more innovative products and services.We believe that by fostering an inclusive work environment—one which appreciates individual differences and the adoption of equitable practices to advance underrepresented groups—contributes to increasing employee job satisfaction and commitment to their company, as well as reduced absenteeism. 

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Was uns begeistert

At Twist Bioscience, our mission is to make synthetic DNA to improve health and sustainability. The power of our silicon-based platform drives our ability to make synthetic DNA at a scale otherwise unavailable to our customers. We leverage this bold, innovative technology to improve environmental sustainability, as our proprietary DNA manufacturing process reduces the volume of chemical reagents used and waste generated by 99.8%. By taking a technology approach to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of DNA synthesis we enable our customers a more sustainable way to design, build, test, and commercialize future therapeutics, diagnostic tests, agricultural products, materials, biobased chemicals, and data storage solutions.This proprietary platform along with the surrounding software and commercial infrastructure allows us to work in service of our customers who are changing the world for the better. We believe in doing the right thing.

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Karriere und Jobs


If you're interested in joining Twist, you can browse our current job opportunities by clicking on the link here!

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